Step by Step Guide for Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Company registration is one of the prior tasks done before going to start a business in a legal way. Whether it is a partnership company, private limited, proprietorship or limited liability partnership, registration is most important for them. It is the procedure to give a fiscal status to a company. But still, it is considered as a most tedious task for an individual. If talked about the process of Limited Liability Partnership Registration then it requires lots of paperwork that make an individual bore and tired.

To register a Limited Liability Partnership company, you need to fill out various relevant applications forms. Before filling the form make sure that it would be filling from the office designated by such state where you are going to open the company.

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Whether it is an LLP or Partnership Registration in Delhi both requires a hectic process. But incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership needs a step by step registration process that is given below:

First, Get DIN (Designated Identification Number):

The first and most important steps are appointing a designated partner to create an application for DIN (Designated Identification Number) allotment.

Register DS (Digital Signature) of Designated Partner:

Designated partner of Limited Liability Partnership needs to get both class 2 or 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) form only an authorized and certified agency. The process is only valid when it was done by a company designated by the state where you are going to open the company.

Apply For the Name:

When you have successfully registered digital signature of designated partner, you need to apply for the name. Before going to apply for the name, first, it is very important to check out the availability of name.

Fill The Form For Name Availability:

When you can successfully find a name, it is important to fill a form for the name availability. In filling the form, there are lots of things you need to keep in the mind that definitely make the men tired and hectic. But there is no need to worry anymore because there are lots of firms and companies available to take care your all tension.

Fill Form for Incorporation or Subscription Document and Draft LLP Agreement:

At last, you need to fill the form for incorporation or subscription and draft the LLP agreement. It is not so important to fill the Limited Liability Partnership at the time of registration; you can fill it within 30 days.

These are the step by step guide helps you to register an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) company. By following this simple guideline, you can easily register an LLP company to start the business in a legal way.


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