Issues Regarding Private Company Registration

Doing the registration of a company is the most important task before you start any private company. It is a must to start a company legally. If it is a private company or any company based on partnership each one of it will need to be registered first so as to start the proper functioning. When it comes to dealing with any business or new plan people find Delhi much suitable for their investment since it is considered as the hub of new opportunities. Private company registration is a must so as to get a unique identity in the market, as nobody likes to rely on any non-registered company.

Some possible queries while registering a private company:

Q: As an individual can a person register a private limited company?

A: Yes as an individual also you are authorized to form a private company. So as to start a company you will need minimum of two directors. Private company company registration in India is a must.

Q: So as to fulfill the requirement of the two directors, can a person introduce their relative as their business partner?

A: Yes so as to fulfill the requirement of the directors you could easily hire your spouse or any relatives of yours.

Q: If somebody would like to start a software company but they do not have any big or good office setup. Can a company be started or registered in this case?

A: Yes, you can easily start a software company even if you do not have any good or a big office setup. But, right after the formation of the company you will have to the shop act license, PAN and TAN for your company.

Q: What do you mean by PAN and TAN?

A: PAN means a permanent account number; it is a 10 digits alpha numeric number which is issued by the income tax department of India. A PAN card is quite mandatory for starting any company. It will be issues in the name of the company itself. When talking about TAN number, it is something that every company owner must have. It is meant for tax deduction for the income Tax department of India. You will have to quote this number when it comes to your TDS.

Q: Suppose a person has finalized a name of the company but could not use that name as it is not registered due to some financial issues, what should be done in this case and what is the possible solution?

A: Initially you can register the name of your company and within 60 days of the registration process you can easily proceed with further formalities to be carried out.

Q: If someone is looking forward to start a consulting firm, can he just register now and can start the company 1 or 2 years later?

A: Yes you can easily do it will no fear in the mind about losing the registration.

All these queries must be much helpful to clear all your doubts regarding private company registration in Delhi. 


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