Issues Regarding Private Company Registration

Doing the registration of a company is the most important task before you start any private company. It is a must to start a company legally. If it is a private company or any company based on partnership each one of it will need to be registered first so as to start the proper functioning. When it comes to dealing with any business or new plan people find Delhi much suitable for their investment since it is considered as the hub of new opportunities. Private company registration is a must so as to get a unique identity in the market, as nobody likes to rely on any non-registered company.

Some possible queries while registering a private company:

Q: As an individual can a person register a private limited company?

A: Yes as an individual also you are authorized to form a private company. So as to start a company you will need minimum of two directors. Private company company registration in India is a must.

Q: So as to fulfill the requirement of the two directors, can a person introduce their relative as their business partner?

A: Yes so as to fulfill the requirement of the directors you could easily hire your spouse or any relatives of yours.

Q: If somebody would like to start a software company but they do not have any big or good office setup. Can a company be started or registered in this case?

A: Yes, you can easily start a software company even if you do not have any good or a big office setup. But, right after the formation of the company you will have to the shop act license, PAN and TAN for your company.

Q: What do you mean by PAN and TAN?

A: PAN means a permanent account number; it is a 10 digits alpha numeric number which is issued by the income tax department of India. A PAN card is quite mandatory for starting any company. It will be issues in the name of the company itself. When talking about TAN number, it is something that every company owner must have. It is meant for tax deduction for the income Tax department of India. You will have to quote this number when it comes to your TDS.

Q: Suppose a person has finalized a name of the company but could not use that name as it is not registered due to some financial issues, what should be done in this case and what is the possible solution?

A: Initially you can register the name of your company and within 60 days of the registration process you can easily proceed with further formalities to be carried out.

Q: If someone is looking forward to start a consulting firm, can he just register now and can start the company 1 or 2 years later?

A: Yes you can easily do it will no fear in the mind about losing the registration.

All these queries must be much helpful to clear all your doubts regarding private company registration in Delhi. 

Hire Best Lawyers in Delhi to Resolve your Case

Accidents or any problems never occur after giving any sign. It can happen anytime, and could leave the person in helpless situation by affecting their life. Lawyer is the only person that helps to come out of the complex situations and enjoy the stress-free life by solving the various kinds of problems outside the court or by taking the favorable decision from the judge. Delhi, the capital of India is the best city where you can get the reliable and professional legal service from the experienced lawyers or attorneys.

There are numbers of companies in Delhi providing the team of professionally trained lawyers having years of experience in handling various kinds of cases. Choose the best company that provides the good legal services without charging the higher fees or making the problem more complicated. Property Lawyers in Delhi provides the assistance to resolve the several property issues such as real estate agents, illegal possession, builder harassment, disputes between buyers and developers, rental disputes, title disputes, and others.


Property disputes can be happened due to any reason such as sudden death of an individual without doing any unequal division, property partition between family members, and more. The lawyers give the answer of all legal problems within quick time and handle the case in proper legal way. You can hire a lawyer to file or defend any case or partition suit, due diligence of property’s documents, or etc.

Not only for the property related issues but you also hire the Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi who can help you for various kinds of criminal offences such as culpable homicide (299IPC), dowry death (304B), murder (300 IPC), rape (376 IPC), domestic violence act, cruelty (498A), etc.


Thus, if you want to avail the legal services then find the company providing fast approach to solve the legal problems in simple lawful experience. Ensure that a lawyer has been practicing and solving the cases with a result oriented approach. Make sure about their experience in giving legal consultancy and advisory services both ethically and professionally in various fields of laws.  

How to Choose The Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

Just imagine, being changed of the criminal offense, you have faced many difficulties and challenge to get back your life. To overcome such issue, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer that fight to defend you.

You can find the Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi who specialized in a particular area that an ordinary lawyer doesn’t have. They are highly qualified and trained in their occupation and offers attention to solving the case by managing time and resources.


But there are certain things that you need to keep in your mind while going to hire a criminal lawyer.  Sometimes criminals are unable to pay for the criminal defense attorney then the court may hire a public defense lawyer for you.

Furthermore, if you have enough resources to hire a best criminal lawyer then you needs to keep some points and tips that are following given below:

First Conclude Your Legal Requirement:

Before going to hire the Best Criminal Advocates in Delhi and lawyer, first, you need to determine your legal requirement. By evaluating your actual need, you can found a clean mirror which tells you about your next move.

Conduct a Meeting with Lawyer:

Find the list of best and highly trained professional advocate and pick one of them. After choosing a name, it is advisable to conduct a meeting with your lawyer to know his planning strategies and ideas.

Ask People to Know Lawyer’s Potential:

You need to ask your friends and people to make sure that it is absolutely right for you. In case, you have lots of positive reviews about the lawyer then it is a plus point of effort made by you to hire a lawyer.

Discuss About Your Case with Lawyer:

Discuss the case with the lawyer and take the suggestion of your next moves. Don’t hide anything with your lawyer frankly talk about the each issue and problems.

Communicate Openly:

Always try to communicate openly with the lawyer in case you want to get the right solution to your issues. For the best result, it is important for both of you to establish a good line of communication respect to the attorney’s method.

Step by Step Guide for Limited Liability Partnership Registration

Company registration is one of the prior tasks done before going to start a business in a legal way. Whether it is a partnership company, private limited, proprietorship or limited liability partnership, registration is most important for them. It is the procedure to give a fiscal status to a company. But still, it is considered as a most tedious task for an individual. If talked about the process of Limited Liability Partnership Registration then it requires lots of paperwork that make an individual bore and tired.

To register a Limited Liability Partnership company, you need to fill out various relevant applications forms. Before filling the form make sure that it would be filling from the office designated by such state where you are going to open the company.

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Whether it is an LLP or Partnership Registration in Delhi both requires a hectic process. But incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership needs a step by step registration process that is given below:

First, Get DIN (Designated Identification Number):

The first and most important steps are appointing a designated partner to create an application for DIN (Designated Identification Number) allotment.

Register DS (Digital Signature) of Designated Partner:

Designated partner of Limited Liability Partnership needs to get both class 2 or 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) form only an authorized and certified agency. The process is only valid when it was done by a company designated by the state where you are going to open the company.

Apply For the Name:

When you have successfully registered digital signature of designated partner, you need to apply for the name. Before going to apply for the name, first, it is very important to check out the availability of name.

Fill The Form For Name Availability:

When you can successfully find a name, it is important to fill a form for the name availability. In filling the form, there are lots of things you need to keep in the mind that definitely make the men tired and hectic. But there is no need to worry anymore because there are lots of firms and companies available to take care your all tension.

Fill Form for Incorporation or Subscription Document and Draft LLP Agreement:

At last, you need to fill the form for incorporation or subscription and draft the LLP agreement. It is not so important to fill the Limited Liability Partnership at the time of registration; you can fill it within 30 days.

These are the step by step guide helps you to register an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) company. By following this simple guideline, you can easily register an LLP company to start the business in a legal way.

Steps Involved in One Person Company Registration

Starting a business seems very difficult but can’t be impossible. If you have immense knowledge and dedicated about chasing your dream then it could be done easily without any support and guidance. Most of them successfully established the business but get confused in the process of registering their companies.

Maze of documentation and hectic process raises lot of difficulties in registering a business. Whether it is a One Person Company Registration or partnership, both requires following n number of process. One person company is the company which has sole trader as its member and done entire process itself.


There are various steps involved in registering a one person company including:

  • First you have to done director identification number and digital signature certificate.
  • After this, you need search for the company name availability.
  • File an application for the company’s name availability.
  • Further, you get the consent of the nominee in well and prescribed manner.
  • File the final incorporation form along with consent, memorandum, articles and other necessary documents.
  • Finally, you get the final incorporation certificate from the register of company.
  • Now you are ready to commence business under this name.

But if, talked about the Private Company Registration, it also involved lots of hefty paper work. Well, a private company owned by a non-governmental organizations or small number of shareholders. In short, it is a company with private ownership so there is no need to meet SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission’s) which is strictly required for public companies.

Whether, it is the process of registering one company or private company, both are extremely tired process but bring lots of benefits. Only a registered company can improve the tax status which probably seems as a top reason behind company registration.

This will provide amazing protection to your personal assets such as properties, stocks and bonds, vehicles and other valuable asset. It also protects your business name which is vitally imperative to introduce yourself in business world.

Company registration gives you legal way to access global economy and enhance the business at worldwide level. So whenever, you are going to start a business make sure first register the company before starting productivity.